• Somewhere every day, someone is harmed by the wrongful conduct of negligent corporations. It is on behalf of these injured men, women & children that Heard Robins Cloud has dedicated itself to the pursuit of justice for over 20 years. And why we continue today.

    • Our Malpractice Client, Jerri

      Jerri suffered at the hands of a doctor who was later charged with malpractice. She filed a lawsuit to “get even and get him (the doctor) to where he couldn’t do this to anybody anymore.” 

      See what Jerri says about Heard Robins Cloud here.

    • Our Defective Product Clients, John & Adelaida

      Christopher, a cherished father and son, was killed in a crash due to a defective tire. His parents hired Heard Robins Cloud: “not that it’s going to bring him back but (because) they (the kids) have to be compensated …”

      See Christopher's parents speak out here.

    Success for Our Clients

    Heard Robins is honored to represent people who have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing. We make it our mission to guide our clients and achieve success. Learn more about our success for clients.

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    We are personal injury lawyers helping mesothelioma victims and people who have been injured by dangerous drugs and medical devices, trucking accidents, food poisoning and NFL concussions.

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